Two Cancer Tests That Could Save Your Life

The world of cancer is extraordinarily complex, but there are two tests you should be aware of that make both diagnosis and treatments a lot simpler and more effective. However, we must first understand how cancer develops.

How Cells Become Malignant

When cells become cancerous, the problem begins when the cells experience a lack of oxygen. One of the primary causes may be our sedentary lifestyles and lack of proper exercise. This oxygen deprived cell state is called ‘hypoxia’.

The cells must then find other ways in which to survive. In their pursuit of energy, they switch to a metabolic process called ‘glycosis’ by which carbohydrates and sugars, especially gluscose, are broken down. It is a compromised survival strategy, however, because glycosis leads to lactic acid fermentation in the cells. This, ultimately, sickens the cells and causes them to become cancerous.

But, these cells are strategic and want to live!

The Fierce Drive to Survive

Because they know they’re sick, cells must now avoid being detected and killed by the body’s own immune system. To be successful, they begin to produce a protective enzyme called Nagalese  (N-acetylgalactosaminidase) that “cloaks” them from being exposed as malignant and therefore a threat to the body’s overall health.

This is why a person can appear healthy and seem to have a properly functioning immune system, but still have a tumor growing somewhere inside. The immune system can’t see it because the cancer cells are hiding!

Causes and Conditions

This is exactly what happened with my husband when, after living a healthy lifestyle, he was diagnosed with bladder cancer. At first it made no sense, but as we learned more about the causes and the conditions that allow cancer to grow, we became aware about the lifestyle choices, habits and environmental toxins that had contributed to his disease.

My husband made disciplined changes to his diet, stress exposure, mental outlook, and spiritual life. All of these, together with implementation of seven other complementary alternative treatments, led to his complete healing in less than a year (see our story in “Healed, Healthy and Whole, How We Beat Cancer with Integrative Therapies and Essential Healing Strategies

Early Detection

The value of the Nagalese Test is that it measures the activity of nagalese enzymes in the blood secreted by the malignant cells. The activity level reveals just how busy the cancer cells are in their pursuit of becoming tumors. Because detection happens at the cellular level, the test can catch malignant activity much sooner than current existing diagnostic methods, i.e., before tumors have already appeared on the scene. This ultra-early detection offers greater chances for successful treatment.


The OncoStat Plus or “Greek Test”

A second valuable test, nicknamed the “Greek Test” analyzes patient blood samples to detect any circulating tumor cells (CTCs), as well as cancer stem cells (CSCs). It is believed that both CTCs and CSCs are the primary means that cancer uses to travel and spread throughout the body.

In addition, the test also generates an individualized profile from each person’s blood sample that reveals that patient’s particular cancer cell types. These types are then tested to determine which of 50 different chemotherapy drugs and 50 other natural substances might be the most effective in combating both the CSCs as well as the CTCs.

Blood samples from the OncoStat Plus test are sent to Greece for analysis because U.S. laboratories do not do this kind of work. Results are generally available within two weeks.

Three Applications

This test is particularly helpful for cancer survivors who wish to avoid a future recurrence. It also can effectively diagnose a patient’s potential for the spread of the disease (metastasis). Lastly, for those whose cancer has already metastacized, the test can help address the cancer at its source.

Personalized Treatments

If you or a loved one are battling cancer and willing to explore alternative therapies as part of your healing protocol, both the Nagalese and OncoStat tests allow for a clarity of diagnosis and customized treatment that can greatly enhance your chances of healing and survival.

Typically, these tests are well known and highly respected among integrative and functional health practitioners. However, this should not deter you from discussing them with any oncologist you are seeing, though more conventional doctors may be less familiar with them and therefore dismissive. During my husband’s cancer journey, we collaborated with both conventional and alternative doctors. We needed both and, in the end, this gave us the most comprehensive successful integrative results.

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God bless you on your healing journey!

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