Study Confirms Choices That Help Cancer Healing

Cancer patients who undergo conventional treatment do not usually get lifestyle and nutritional advice from their oncologists that can aid with their healing and help them beat the odds of a cancer recurrence later on. The reason for this lack of instruction is because many doctors report only getting one class on nutrition during all of their years of medical training.

However, in 2017, the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), that represents oncology physicians of all sub-specialties that care for all people with cancer, announced that “in addition to good, standard care treatment, what patients eat, drink and do can make a difference.”

Their two-year study study of 992 U.S. patients with stage III colon cancer reported that “those whose lifestyles matched the ACS guidelines had longer disease-free survival and overall survival.”

That’s good news coming from the conventional medical industry and confirms what alternative oncologists and integrative medical specialists consistently counsel as part of their own healing protocols: Our lifestyle choices make a huge difference in our health, healing and longevity!

Though the ACS health guidelines for cancer survivors are far from complete, they’re a start. Missing is perhaps the most important piece of advice of all and that is to avoid any and all sugar consumption, since sugar is a fertilizer for cancer. Nevertheless, we acknowledge the progress and here are the ASC researchers’ recommendations:

1. Maintaining a healthy body weight
2. Engaging in regular physical activity
3. Eating a diet rich in whole grains, vegetables and fruits, and low in red meat and processed meats
4. Eliminating alcohol consumption

To read the full report of their key findings over a follow-up of 7 years, please click this link.

Here’s to living Healed, Healthy and Whole!