Strategies and Superfoods to Help Fight Cancer

Rebuilding our immune system is one of the most important strategies in our battle to help defeat cancer and protect against a recurrence. Eight ways to help achieve this goal include:

  1. Eating only clean, fresh organic foods
  2. Making 80% of meals from fresh, organic veggies and 20% from organic protein
  3. Consuming nutritient-rich supplements
  4. Doing a regular detox program
  5. Exercising regularly to increase oxygen intake
  6. Minimizing strife and stress
  7. Surrounding yourself with positive people
  8. Getting plenty of rest

Following these steps has shown to help repair a compromised immune system and transform the body’s pH balance from acid to alkaline. An alkaline environment is hostile to cancer.


Chlorella is a nutrient-packed super food that in combination with other complementary protocols, has been known to help defeat cancer. It is a single cell algae noted to be both a powerful detoxifying agent and a complete food. It contains all of the B vitamins and essential amino acids, in addition to potent levels of chorophyll, protein, vitamins C and E, and carbohydrates. Chlorella comes in powder or liquid that can be taken once or twice a day mixed in green drinks and smoothies.

Scientific Studies

In one Japanese study, scientists worked with two groups of lab mice. The first group was given a chorella regimen for ten days.The second group was not. Both groups were then injected with three different types of cancer. The mice on the chlorella protocol did not develop cancer, while the second group of untreated mice died in less than three weeks.

A second Virginia based-study treated 15 patients battling glioblastoma cancer with protocols of powdered and liquid chlorella intermittently combined with traditional chemotherapy and/or radiation. Though the life expectancy of approximately 10 percent of gioblastoma patients is only two years, the 15 patients treated with chorella had a survival rate of 40 percent.

Chlorella has also been known to raise the blood levels of the protein called albumin. According to Earl Mindel, RPh, PhD, “Numerous studies have documented that a low albumin level is a marker for serious illnesses such as cancer and heart disease. They point to test-tube studies confirming that raising albumin levels can both prevent cancer and extend the life span of human cells.”

Vegan athletes favor chlorella for its abilities to repair torn muscle cells after a hard workout. Though its smell and taste can be off-putting at first, one does get used to it. It can also be found in tablet form.

Cancer Free

My husband, a bladder cancer survivor, recently got the “all clear” again at his two year check up. Chlorella is part of his daily regime of supplements that he mixes in his morning green drink—and you can’t even taste it!

Whichever way chlorella is taken, this powerful super supplement should be given serious consideration as a part of any preventative or integrative cancer treatment. It is a powerful aid that has helped our family recover from cancer and stay healed, healthy and whole.


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