How Parsley Can Reduce Cancer Risks 

Typically, we think of parsley as a touch of green to decorate the side of our food plates or a sprig that freshens our breath, but did you know this little herb can reduce various types of cancer risks including those for lung, breast and colon?

A recent article published by “The Truth About Cancer” (TTAC) revealed that out of 47 herbs that were studied and tested, parsley came in fourth with the ability to:
1. inhibit the ability of cancer cells to circulate and metastasize in new tissue
2. stimulate antioxidant activity in the blood reducing the damage from free radicals
3. help form new red blood cells and decrease toxins in the liver and kidneys
4. increase production of liver bile needed for the digestion of fats
5. restrict the toxic impacts of heavy metals such as cadmium


TTAC offered these four recipes below that can help to naturally detoxify the body and stimulate greater healing.

When selecting your veggies always choose organic, if possible, to avoid nasty pesticides. It’s also healthiest if you drink these juices when they’re fresh to get the most out of the nutrients and avoid oxidation. Enjoy!

1. Two carrots, 1/2 cup of parsley, 3 celery stalks. Mix in a blender or juicer until liquid. Drink right away.

2. Six leaves of romaine lettuce, a handful of parsley, 1 cucumber, 1 apple. Mix, liquify and drink fresh.

3. One handful of cilantro, a handful of parsley, 1 cucumber, 3 celery stalks, 1 green apple. Blend and drink.

4. Two cucumbers and a handful of parsley. Mix until liquified and drink straight away.

Here’s to your health and living Healed, Healthy and Whole!