How This One Step Can Help Reverse Cancer

Conventional oncologists will admit to knowing little about the connection between nutrition and the healing of disease because medical schools teach little if anything about the therapeutic wonders of prescribing food as medicine. In the U.S., as in many other industrialized countries, the bias leans towards prescribing pharmaceutical drugs because the profit margins are simply enormous. During my husband’s battle with cancer, however, we learned how a therapeutic use of nutrition was at the heart of healing. One food in particular stood out: sugar. As you will learn, sugar can either promote or reverse cancer, and you need to know why.

Dangerously Sweet 
As this excellent video report reveals (click on links below), American’s consumption of sugar has increased from four to a whopping 160 pounds in just 100 years. Today, sugar can be found in hundreds of our products from sauces, sodas, breads, soups, breakfast foods, and even so-called healthy foods like yoghurt and almond milk. Our palates have become conditioned to love that sweet taste, but studies confirm that diets high in sugar lead to serious health problems, especially cancer.

How to Reverse Cancer 
A picture is worth a thousand words, so I invite you to watch these two excellent reports. Then, please share this blog, help spread the word and help all those you love become better informed. Here’s wishing you a life fully healed, healthy and whole!

Beating Cancer: How Cutting Sugar Reversed One Man’s Death Sentence

Sugar and Cancer (Interview)