Lose Weight, Save Money, Live Better

If losing weight was among your New Year’s resolutions but you’re not exactly enjoying the process, I have some good news. According to Dr. Bruce Y. Lee, executive director of the Global Obesity Prevention Center at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, a 50-year-old who transitions from obese to simply overweight can save an average of $36, 278 over a lifetime.

The calculations were based on factors that include sick days, medical costs, insurance, health care facilities, and other productivity losses.

Lee and his team calculated that a 20-year-old going from obese to overweight would save approximately $17,655 in medical costs, and that number would increase to $28,020 by dropping to a healthy weight.

For a 40-year-old, the obese to overweight transition could save an average of $18,262. This research was published online in the journal Obesity. 

Health conditions such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease are all associated with obesity. These conditions are not only personally challenging and stressful, they can also impact you through higher insurance premiums, higher copays and higher taxes that support government insurance.

Next time you feel your resolution to lose weight is losing steam, remember that the benefits to you not only include better health and quality of life, but also significant savings in medical and insurance costs. These are even more good reasons to stick with it!

Here’s to living Healed, Healthy and Whole!