Juice Your Way to Better Health

Organic raw fruits and vegetables are among the healthiest foods we can eat. They contain 95% of the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants our bodies need to stay healthy. These raw nutrients are also full of natural healing properties that have shown to help prevent cancer, heart disease and strokes, as well as help repair the immune system of those who are already sick.

But not everyone can digest raw fruits and veggies. Cooking, unfortunately, destroys many vital enzymes, so how do we get these vital nutrients into our systems? The answer is juicing!

Raw Goodness
Juicing uses several pounds of raw ingredients to make 8 or 16 ounces of fresh deliciousness. That’s more fruits and veggies than we could ever consume by eating a single plate of food. And that’s the point! When you sip a freshly juiced drink, you are feeding your digestive track (the center of your immune system) the concentrated goodness of raw fruits and vegetables that make you stronger, healthier and more vigorous.

The Organic Imperative
You want to use the healthiest ingredients possible for juicing, and organic fruits and vegetables are the best. They are grown and cultivated in ways that avoid the pesticides, chemicals and toxins that are so harmful to our health. More than 343 studies in the British Journal of Nutrition confirm that organic foods have more antioxidants and are more nutritious.They are also have more flavor!

HHW-JuicingHow To Juice
The best juicers are not the fastest! Fast machines actually compromise the chemical composition of the raw ingredients, which defeats the whole purpose, so look for a juicer that works at a slow to moderate speed which preserves the integrity of the vital vitamins, minerals and enzymes. There are several on the market, but we’ve found the Hurom slow juicer http://amzn.to/1qAQR2D does a great job of extracting the goodness at just the right pace and thereby delivering the most nutritious drink. By the way, if you prefer your juice with some of the fiber, you can always add a little of the pulp back in—it’s a matter of choice.

When to Drink
It’s always best to drink your juice as soon as you make it. If this is not possible, pour it in a glass container with a lid to preserve the integrity of the nutrients. It’s also best to refrigerate if you plan to leave it overnight.

Green Juice Recipe
Check out our delicious Healed, Healthy and Whole green drink recipe that accompanies this post. You can also explore making your own delicious combinations, and juice your way to optimal health! Here’s to living Healed, Healthy and Whole!