How Body Electricity Helps Defeat Cancer

Scientists have often been puzzled by why the human body’s immune system does not attack cancer. According to author, lecturer and cancer expert Edward Griffith, the conventional assumption has been that cancer is foreign to the body and therefore our system does not recognize it.

However, integrative oncologists disagree. They affirm that cancer is natural to the body; in fact, it is the body’s dramatic way of telling us that something is terribly out of balance. Our bodies are always trying to communicate and help us heal, if we know how to listen!

The real problem is that cancer cells like to hide. They cloak themselves under a multi-layered protein cover. This cover has a negative electrical charge. Our immune system and all its marvelous components—the white blood cells, lumphocytes, leukocytes, monocytes—also have a negative electrical charge. Common polarities—i.e. positive-positive or negative-negative—repel each other. So, the immune system is not attracted to the cancer; in fact, it does not even see or recognize it as a danger.

But body chemistry can be adjusted, and here’s where the wonder of the right diet and nutrition comes in. If one’s diet is rich in meat protein, the body’s digestive enzymes produced in a healthy pancreas will be busy digesting that, just as they were designed to do.

However, if one’s diet is low in animal protein, there will be plenty of pancreatic enzymes in the blood stream looking for work! Eventually, they will find the protein layers around the cancer, and begin gobbling them up. This literally “blows the cancer’s cover” and leaves the malignant cells bare and exposed! Even more amazing is that these naked cancer cells have a positive electrical charge. Soon, our immune system clearly detects their signal, recognizes it as the enemy, and mobilizes all its forces to attack and destroy the cancer!

For this reason, a diet made up of 80 percent fresh, organic vegetables (as much raw as possible) and only 20 percent grass fed protein is advisable. In some cases going strictly vegan is necessary, but this should be determined under the care of a reputable, integrative oncologist.

In 2013, my husband beat an aggressive form of bladder against all conventional predictions. One of our strategies was the 80/20 diet. To this day, he follows it rigorously knowing that staying cancer free means giving his body the right nutrients and conditions in which to thrive. (Learn more at

While proper nutrition is an essential part of a comprehensive, integrative healing approach, in some cases, some cancer patients have been healed by simply changing their diet.


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    It’s definitely working well for Russ! He’s looking much healthier these days!

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    Hmmm, I learn something today….I did not know about negative/positive polarity of cell/cancer cell, protein cover!!! Interesting!!!!

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