Healthy People Are Contagious

Today, the term “healthy lifestyle” is used a lot as the golden standard for wellness. But, do you know exactly what it means?

A healthy lifestyle refers to many aspects of living. These include our:

  • nutrition
  • exercise habits
  • stress levels
  • sleep habits
  • quality of relationships
  • community life
  • spiritual connection
  • sense of purpose

When each of these is doing well, we feel well overall. However, when one or more of these gets out of balance, it can affect all the others. For example, too much stress can affect our sleep, exercise habits, food intake, sense of purpose, quality of relationships, and more. Bad food habits can leave us feeling sluggish so we become more sedentary, less active, more socially withdrawn, and less purposeful. Human beings are  holistic and one aspect influences another.

The good news is that improvements in just one area can have positive repercussions in all the others, too. Life is all about choices and positive ones will bring the greatest good for you, those you love, your community, and the world.

When you are preparing to make a positive change in your life, medical experts are now telling us that one of the best things we can do is to spend time with healthy people. “They are contagious,” says renowned physician and psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen. “I often say the fastest way to get healthy is find the healthiest person you can stand, and then spend as much time around him or her as possible.”

A multi-year Stanford study by Dr. Lewis Tewman also confirmed that keeping positive habits and spending time with people who tended to eat well, exercise, had a passionate attitude towards their life led to greater overall health and longevity.

Today, if you are ready to take steps forward towards a life of greater well-being, think about who are the healthiest people you know and find ways to be around them as much as possible. Not only can their example rub off, you will also have mentors who can support you, making your journey so much more enjoyable and likely to succeed.

Here’s to living life fully Healed, Healthy and Whole!