Crispy Crickets for Dinner?

When a serious health crisis hits, we are suddenly faced with the need to make significant lifestyle changes in order to get well. If the stakes are high enough, we’ll be very motivated to make those changes, even if they include radical changes to our diet.

For some, giving up our favorite foods is a terrible sacrifice. The choice to exchange a hamburger or hot fudge sundae for a giant salad or green smoothie is hugely unappealing…even if they can help save our life. But these healthier options might not sound so bad if you knew what some people today are choosing to eat–wait for it–insects!

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FOA) reports that by 2050 our world’s growing population is going to require twice the amount of protein that exists today. Since it’s unlikely all that extra protein will come from our current and costly animal sources such as beef, poultry, fish, and pork, the FOA believes that insects are the most viable option.

It may be news to us, but for about a third of world’s population, insects are already on the menu– crickets, mealworms, beetles, and termites. They are rich in protein, and their good fats and amino acids make them nutritionally very rich. Another benefit is that they require less space and water to raise and cause fewer environmental problems.

So, the next time you look at a lean, broiled chicken breast perched atop a healthy green salad and wish it were a greasy cheeseburger instead, think how lucky you are to still have the opportunity to enjoy the delectable protein that’s still available today at your fingertips…food that not only tastes great, but nourishes and heals, too.

Count your blessings, make wise choices and enjoy your life fully healed, healthy and whole!