Christmas Blessings

This has been a tumultuous year for our country and the world. Christmas invites us to pause, catch our breath and reflect on what’s important. More than opening presents, it is a season when we open our hearts to remember the One who stepped out of Heaven and into time to show us the way back to God. Without Him, nothing makes sense.

Our Prayers Are With You
To those who lost loved ones this year– spouses, parents, brothers– our hearts go out to you. There were many of you! We wish you the comfort, peace, healing, and reassurance of God’s presence knowing from personal experience how very present He is during times of need.

If you find yourself filled with questions about why He took your loved one, truthfully, there are no real answers this side of Heaven. But, one thing is sure: God is good. Remember also that this is not our home and we, too, shall depart at one time or another. It is what we do while we’re still here that counts and Who we place our faith in that will determine where we land after leaving this earth. May God grant you the wisdom to choose wisely while we have the time!

Health and Healing
For those who are still struggling with your health or caring for a sick loved one, we invite you to pray the Scriptures. Bring God’s promises of healing and strength into the situation. Focus on spiritual truths, release God’s power into the struggle and take all the earthly steps you can when it comes to healthy nutrition, stress reduction, emotional healing, and — our recommendation would be — non toxic, alternative methods of treatment. Spend time in daily prayer and quiet reflection and He will speak to your heart and guide your way.

The Blessings Of Christmas
We pray the blessings of the Christmas season over you. May you experience the magic of His presence and renewed hope and joy for 2017 as we move forward, together, in His power fully healed, healthy and whole!