Can You Trust Your Doctor?

Every family has a roster of important relationships in life, like doctors, dentists, teachers…and car mechanics! Our car mechanic is a rare breed: he is honest! Paul not only diagnoses a car problem correctly, but his prices are always fair and his work completely trustworthy. We really appreciate him!

By contrast, some time ago, I took my SUV to the car dealer’s to replace a part only they had. When I went to pick up my vehicle, they handed me a list of other problems they’d found to the tune of over $5,000! Some of the issues, they said, needed urgent attention.

I thanked them, took my car to Paul and handed him the dealer’s list. He just laughed and said maybe there was one minor thing he agreed about, but everything else was completely unnecessary. I asked him to tweak the minor thing and my SUV has been running smoothy now, with no issues, for several years!

Recently, I had to do a few health tests. One specialist I see found something she didn’t like and sent me to do more tests. Those tests came back looking good and I handed her the results. She still found issues and asked me to run more tests. She also updated my list of health supplements and doses. The whole discussion left me uneasy and, frankly, a little suspicious.

Several years ago, when my husband was diagnosed with bladder cancer, two very prominent oncologists (cancer specialists) told my husband that his type of malignancy was so aggressive he needed to have his bladder removed immediately, possibly followed by his prostate. Even then, they gave him less than five years to live. The whole terrifying ordeal  took us on a search where we eventually found integrative and alternative doctors and treatments that completely healed his cancer. He recovered completely and has been well ever since! (You can get all the details and info in my book

The experience taught me so many things, but the most important one is to take personal responsibility for your health. Nobody–nobody–will care about it more than you. That means that when a professional in a white coat gives you a diagnosis or a list of steps to take, you should not assume it’s 100% accurate or the only way to go. That just may be their diagnosis and approach to that particular problem. See another specialist and you may get a different perspective. Rather than letting that confuse you, be grateful that perhaps there is more than one approach to your healing and that you have the power to find the best one.

Nobody likes uncertainty and being sick makes us all feel vulnerable and afraid. It can feel simpler to trust your doctor and follow orders. However, I submit to you that being willing to do some research and get more than one expert opinion may increase your chances of much better treatment and results.

I’ve been researching the tests and the supplements that my doctor has been urging me to do. I’ve found a few issues with them and also learned (here’s the big one) that she gets a commission on some of the tests or supplements that she recommends. Friends, this is a huge conflict of interest but it is rampant in the medical community! Health care is a business in this country and profits are running the show. Be wise!

Next time you are facing health issues, do your research and find the best specialists in that field– consider both conventional doctors and alternative (also called “integrative” or “functional”). Then, get at least two opinions (I like three) and examine the recommendations carefully. Don’t rush into anything. Give yourself the time to study, consult, think, pray, and then make your decision. You will not only give yourself better alternatives but greatly increase your chances of a positive health outcome. That would certainly be worth it, wouldn’t it?

Here’s to living Healed, Healthy and Whole!