How Plant-Based Diets Can Help Fight Cancer

After we witnessed my husband’s bladder cancer disappear by combining  an organic, alkaline-producing diet with non invasive alternative therapies, we were convinced of the key role that proper nutrition plays in  successful cancer prevention and healing.

The 80/20 Diet 

We followed what’s known as an 80/20 diet. This included 80 percent organic fruits, veggies and nuts and also 20 percent wild caught smaller fish, pasture raised poultry, and grass fed, grass finished beef (Please see my previous article for more details:

Since 2013, we also have celebrated the healing of several other friends and acquaintances who also followed a similar regimen.

Benefits of Plant Based Diets

However, proponents of a strictly plant-based diet also have many success stories and should be taken seriously. With some cancers, and especially advanced stages, a plant based strategy may be the best way to help overcome the disease.

In the video below, Dr. Michael Gerger from shares strong research that proves the efficacy of a plant based diet especially in the fight against prostate and breast cancers. One exception we would make, however, is that the animal protein that Greger refers to in this video comes from industry-raised animals. These live in cruel, stress-filled conditions and are fed unnatural diets that can include moldy grain, excessive antibiotics, bovine growth hormones, and more. We definitely recommend staying away from any animal products coming from these kinds of sources.

Healthy Sources of Fish and Animal Protein

By contrast, when eaten in moderation (20 percent of your diet), wild caught fish and grass fed and grass finished animal protein contain many healthy nutrients. This is simply a distinction worth noting.


Enjoy the video below titled “How Not To Die from Cancer.”

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