45th Annual Cancer Convention

For those that can make it, this looks like an excellent conference with valuable information and terrific speakers. Hope to see you there!

45th Annual Cancer Convention

Hear well known medical doctors, clinical researchers, nutritionists and authors speak about the prevention and control of cancer and other diseases through nutrition and non toxic therapies such as Laetrile, Gerson, Horsey, Ploy-MVA, Enzymes, Immunotherapy, Chelation, DMSO, Oxygen, Herbal, Electro-magnetic therapies, and more. In addition, learn about natural therapies for the heart, diabetes, arthritis, MS and eye diseases.

Date:  Sept. 2, 3 & 4 (Labor Day Weekend)

Location: Glendale Hilton, Hotel, Glendale, CA (818) 956-5466

Cost: $50/ Day for all events. Pay at door