How Hydration Promotes Health

Are you likely to reach for a cup of coffee when you’re feeling sluggish? New research from Georgia Tech reveals that the loss of energy may be due to dehydration which even impairs our ability to perform routine tasks well.

Supplying our bodies and brains with enough fresh water is key to maintaining a healthy balance. Georgia Tech brain scan showed that when their volunteers were hydrated, their brain ventricles contracted and their work product remained steady. However, when they were dehydrated, their brain ventricles expanded and researchers also noted a slump in the performance of routine tasks.

When you consider that our brains and bodies are composed of 73% water, lungs about 83%, muscles and kidneys close to 79%, and our skin approximately 64%, it’s no wonder that drinking enough fresh water throughout the day helps keep our cells, organs and tissues able to perform at optimal levels. This process includes transporting the nutrients we need, hydrating joints and eliminating toxins and waste.


Staying adequately hydrated also helps our body fight disease. And for those battling conditions such as cancer, sipping water with a few drops of fresh lemon juice throughout the day helps turn the body alkaline, a condition which strengthens the immune system and helps repel cancer.

The amount of water we need varies according to age, gender and body size but, generally, according to Dr. Jeffrey Ute (Neuroscience and pediatrics at Allegheny University), adult males need about 3 liters a day and adult females about 2.2 liters. While some of our food does help hydrate us, supplementing our diets with 6-8 glasses of water daily is ideal to stay energized, alert and healthy.


Next time you feel the afternoon slump coming on, grab a fresh glass of water or two. Your brain and body are likely to perk up within a few minutes and give you sustained energy for 2-3 hours instead of that rude caffeine crash after the coffee wears off. Additionally, coffee is acidic, and to be avoided completely if you are in a battle with cancer right now.

We can all make wise choices that help us heal and thrive. Here’s to living Healed, Healthy and Whole!