Is Chemo Is Right For You? How To Be Sure

As anyone diagnosed with cancer knows, conventional treatment includes chemotherapy and radiation. The question is, will it work for you?

There is now a breast cancer test that empowers women with accurate, personalized answers to that question. If you have never heard of it, please read on.

The Oncotype DX is a test suitable for women recently diagnosed with early stages invasive breast cancer and also DCIS (non invasive) breast cancer. If you’ve had tumors removed during surgery, the Oncotype DX studies 21 specific genes in the tumor tissue and predicts on a scale of 0-100 how responsive you will be to chemotherapy. This is important for you to know!

Anyone with early stage invasive breast cancer (Stages 1 – 3) will find out not only if chemotherapy will be work for them, but also learn about the chances of experiencing a cancer recurrence. Those with DCIS (Stage O), will learn of their chances of a recurrence in the same breast.

This science is invaluable in helping you decide which course of treatment will get you the best results.

Recently, a friend of mine with invasive breast cancer did the Oncotype DX test. During the consultation with her oncologist, he recommended 6 weeks of chemotherapy. She asked him if the Oncotype DX results confirmed that chemo would be a beneficial treatment for her.

“What do my numbers say on the scale of 0-100?” she asked him. “How much would chemo help me?”

The doctor looked down at his papers and was silent.

“What’s my score?” my friend asked again.

“Zero,” the oncologist finally said.

“Then, why are you recommending chemotherapy if it will not help me at all?” she pushed back.

“OK, maybe don’t do chemo,” he conceded, “but I still recommend radiation.”

“I will do neither,” my friend announced.

Since then, she has been actively pursuing alternative therapies and recovering well.

Friends, we must take personal responsibility for our health, do our research, not be afraid to question our doctors, and be bold about exploring all alternatives that might lead to the best healing protocols for our bodies. When it comes to cancer, one size does not fit all. (Read my story in our book How We Beat Cancer

If you are battling breast cancer, ask your oncologist to do the Oncotype DX test. Doctors are well aware of it, but will not do it unless you ask for it. It is covered by most insurance companies.

Here’s to living Healed, Healthy and Whole!




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    Good blog. Informative. Thank you for sharing this important action step.

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