An Easy and Delicious Way to Detox

Every day our bodies are exposed to unwanted chemicals, contaminants and toxins in our food, air, water, and environment. If these toxins aren’t eliminated daily, they can begin to slow down our metabolism, lower our energy, muddle our thinking, cause weight gain, and impair the proper functioning of our organs. Persistent negative thoughts and emotions can also trigger toxic reactions at the cellular level.

Introducing a regular detoxing protocol into our lives can help prevent disease, maintain our health and/or restore it if it’s been compromised. When we cleanse the colon, the epicenter of our immune system, it flushes out unwanted pollutants freeing up the organs, hormones and cells  to function normally– and we feel great!

There are many different types of detox protocols, some more rigorous than others. If you are new to this practice or simply wish to give your body an occasional rest and purge, I recommend this 3-day cleanse offered by Columbia University professor and television host Dr. Oz. It’s  easy, delicious and energy boosting. Note that it also includes relaxing evening baths at the end of the day. Enjoy! (