10 Food Combining Tips for Better Digestion

Here are the top 10 food combining principles that will help nourish your body, give  more energy and help you feel well overall.

  1. Do not overeat! Eat only until you feel comfortably full. Have smaller meals several times a day. The same amount of food ingested in lesser quantities will help your system digest properly, keep your energy up and not impose a burden.
  2. Animal protein such as meat or chicken takes many hours to digest, so it’s best combined with raw or cooked vegetables. Starches such as rice, pasta or bread turn to glucose (sugar) in the warm environment of the stomach. This leads to fermentation, gas and bloating which is both unhealthy and uncomfortable. Sugary desserts and drinks—neither of which are good for you, but if you plan on eating these—are also best consumed separately and only several hours after your meal.
  3. Avoid junk food and eat only when you’re hungry. High fiber, healthy snacks are a great alternative.
  4. Drink an 8 ounce glass of room temperature water half a hour before your meals. It helps prepare your digestive system and tempers your hunger. Drink another glass about an hour after eating. It’s best not to drink any liquids when eating or take only small sips, as needed. Drinking lots of liquid with your food weakens your digestive efficiency.
  5. Relax and enjoy your meals. Chew your food slowly and thoroughly and avoid eating when you are rushed and under stress. Ideally, pay attention to the food nourishing your body rather than reading or watching television as you eat.
  6. Breakfast really is an essential meal for the day. Eating foods that are whole and nourishing will sustain you for hours.
  7. Citrus fruits such as grapefruits, oranges and lemons help cleanse the system, so they are best eaten in the morning about 20 minutes before breakfast. Fruit will give you a quick energy boost, prepare your digestive track and also help with proper elimination.
  8. Hydrate regularly in between meals with fresh water flavored with fresh lemon or lime juice, cucumbers, strawberries, or watermelon. These are refreshing and detoxifying and will also help keep your brain alert.
  9. As we get older, or if our digestive system is simply not working well, it can be helpful to take digestive enzymes and/or some form of acidophilus /bifidus (beneficial bacteria) to help regain gut balance and health.
  10. When it comes to eating fruit, it’s best to eat it alone and not combine it with animal protein, starches or nuts.

By following these simple principles, your system will be able to better absorb the nutrients in your food. You will also minimize your metabolic stress and support ongoing system detoxification. Other positive changes may include improvements in  your moods and energy levels, as well as some weight loss. Overall, you will likely experience a greater sense of health and well being.

Give these a try, drop me a line and let me know how you’re doing. Here’s wishing you and those you love a life fully healed, healthy and whole!


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